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Wonder what happened to the Bengal cats I adopted? (See original article here). Well, I was planning to adopt both of them out to different homes since they had a history of perhaps stressing each other out enough of to cause urine marking in the house. I did adopt Oliver out to the perfect couple. He loves living his new home because his new humans love to play with him and pet him.

I had also planned to adopt Dante out. With one Jack Russell to keep me fully occupied, frequent client animals to work with in my home (some of whom may not be great with cats), and a small house, I definitely did not want a cat. However, it turns out that not only does Dante have an interesting personality, he’s also very photogenic. As a result, I had my office, his bathroom (where he was originally stationed when Oliver was living with us) and the hallway painted to complement his colors. Here are the first photos of him. As you can see, the color recommendations by my friend Renvelyn Grey (interior designer) were the right choice.

One thing about Bengals is that they are known for vocalizing a lot. And Dante definitely meows in a very irritating way. But the good part about this is that it makes for some great photos. Someday, when I have time to train him, I will train him to be quiet to get what he wants and to save his irritating meow for specified times. I’ll be sure to videotape it too. So stay tuned.


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