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The Low Stress Handling® Movement: How Sophia and Her CattleDog Started It All!


What Is Low Stress Handling®?


Teaching Your Puppy to Love Their Leash Equipment


Asking or Demanding: Cue vs Command

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Low Stress Handling®

Being Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified demonstrates to clients and employers that you care about the wellbeing of the animals in your care.

Enroll Now Why and What is Low Stress Handling
  • "Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification course provided clear teaching and guidance with lots of opportunities to practice each skill. This (course) really helped me feel like I was truly learning how to do it correctly, not just guessing."

    Courtani P., LSHC-S 12/8/2018

  • "The greatest benefit from the Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification course is happier, healthier, more secure pets, and better relationships with them and their owner."

    MacKenzie D., LSHC-S 06/23/2020

  • "This course gave me greater knowledge of how to approach difficult patients and make their veterinary experiences more pleasant, which allows me to practice better medicine."

    Caroline C., LSHC-S 12/11/2018

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