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What would you do if a top-notch electronics gadget company called you up and asked you to help them develop a second rate dog product?

If you are like me, you’d tell them their idea wasn’t that great and then pitch some ideas for cool dog products that you’d want to use yourself. That’s what I did in 2003 when the Sharper Image contacted me for assistance. To my surprise they gave a thumbs up. A year later, after two research experiments testing the product and training program out, the Treat&Train® Dog Training System was launched. If you got one in 2005 you know they were good. Even David Novak, the Gadget Guy from the Indianapolis Star, thought so: Innovative Home Pet Trainer.

Unfortunately, unrelated to the Treat&Train, the Sharper Image went bankrupt; however, the Treat&Train stayed alive. It was licensed by Premier Pet and the name was changed to MannersMinder®. That was a big relief to me since I use them all the time and have four in my house now! The sales have been steady and dog enthusiasts happy. But I always preferred the name that actually described its function best.  Luckily, I finally got the permission and funds to rebrand back to its original name and update the materials and packaging.  Now the rebranded product is out!

It’s the same trusty device and clinically researched training program. So what’s new?

  • Modified look: The Treat&Train has a subtle but major upgrade in color and a more intuitive control panel.
  • A web site designed specifically to let you know the many ways you can use the Treat&Train for competition as well as general pet dog problems and specific behavioral issues.


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