A month ago we couldn’t even take Boo, our Lhasa Apso mix, out on walks because he would bark and lunge at other dogs no matter how far away they were. It was embarrassing and even dangerous,” says Theresa Montemayor.

That changed in October, after Theresa and her husband David attended Dr. Yin’s Reactive Dogs Workshop in Davis, California. After just a couple of weeks, Boo was good enough so that he could participate in a class full of dogs. “Now, with a gentle leader head collar, he can go on walks with no problem—even when he has to pass a lot of dogs who are barking and lunging,” says Montemayor. “It was a huge lifesaver for new dog owners like us!”

What led to Theresa and David’s success? While food rewards were a large part of it, successfully training Boo involved much more. It meant training Theresa and David as well! In the workshop, Theresa and David learned the technical skills that made them successful: how to provide clear guidance and direction to Boo, and how to make focusing on his owners and their training fun for him.

“The emphasis on treat delivery speed and on the speed and direction in which we move made all the difference,” Theresa says. “Exercises were broken into clear progressive steps so that participants could pick them up quickly.”

Now, we’re pleased to announce the release of a live-recorded DVD version of the workshop attended by Boo and his owners. Even if you missed Dr. Yin’s workshop, you can learn these skills too!

Skills for Handling Your Reactive or Hyperactive Dog
A Workshop for Developing Focus and Impulse Control
(PART 1: Essential Exercises)
Length: 2 hours, 12 minutes
Available at Low Stress Handling

This DVD workshop teaches you quick, precise treat delivery technique; body language that provides clear direction; and the ability to guide your dog from one exercise to the next fluidly and in rapid succession, the way a dancer leads his partner through a series of different steps. Step-by-step exercises are demonstrated, such as treat delivery drills and movement drills for you as well as techniques for helping your dog to focus while heeling on walks.

CPDT-KA certified trainer Cathie Bell tells us, “Whether you’re a pet professional or pet owner, this DVD is a must-have. Dr. Sophia Yin has the amazing ability to take very complex exercises and simplify them to the point that you wonder why you have never thought of it yourself!”

AVAILABLE NOW! The workshop continues in a second DVD, PART 2: The Next Step for a Pleasant Walk. Techniques are useful alone or together.

What Will You Learn?

In PART 1: Essential Exercises, you’ll discover how to keep your dog focused on you and happy even in reactive situations, such as barking and lunging to greet other dogs, or to chase squirrels and cats. Dr. Yin breaks down essential techniques such as precise treat delivery and efficient and clear body movement into a series of fun and practical exercises for both humans and dogs. For more details, download the DVD’s cover and insert here.

What’s On the DVD?

Lecture: Measuring Handler Technique and Dog Response

  • Timing and Treat Delivery Drills (humans only)
  • Backward Movement Drills (humans only)
  • Say Please by Sitting
  • Repeat Sits Backward and Running to the Side
  • Using Repeat Sits Backward in Highly Distracting or Emergency Situations
  • Impulse Control: “Leave-it” when Desired Objects Are at the End of the Leash  

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About Dr. Yin

Dr. Sophia Yin, a 1993 graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, is the author of numerous books and DVDs including The Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook® and Low Stress Handling, Restraint, and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats. She earned her Master’s in Animal Science with a behavior emphasis in 2001 from UC Davis. She currently lectures and teaches workshops internationally, sees behavior consults, and creates educational DVDs and products.


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