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Are you looking for a way to encourage visitors to come to your shelter, increase kitten adoptions, and as a result have kittens that are less fearful of being handled, encountering strange objects and people, and that are more tolerant of having their nails trimmed or of being vaccinated?  Watch Kitty Kindergarten to learn how to make scary experiences that might elicit fear in a kitten into scenarios that are pleasant and downright fun for kittens! 

Most Behavior Issues Can Be Prevented with Early Socialization

Did you  know that most cat behavior issues—aggression, antisocial behavior, potty problems— can be prevented with early socialization and training? A few techniques applied early on can change the course of a kitten’s life.

By the end of this popular lecture you’ll:

  1. Understand the sensitive period of socialization — what it is, why it’s important, and how appropriate experiences during this time can help you create a friendly, interactive, and sociable cat.
  2. Learn how to desensitize and countercondition cats so they enjoy toenail trims, injections, and any handling procedure making treatments at home or in the hospital are a breeze.
  3. Train cats simple but essential tricks such as sit, come, and touch their nose to a target. These tricks can be used to replace naughty behaviors.
  4. Identify the components necessary for a successful kitten socialization program.

Run Time: 96 minutes

Where to view: View on demand on Vimeo!

Where to purchase:

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