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Today we finally started the day off with a decent 6 mile run. We ran with our human friend Clare. By the end of the run when the humans were stretching out, it started to drizzle. I got rain in my eyes.

Hey you dogs out there, make sure to tell your human that it’s important to take you running or exercising so you won’t get FAT! If they need to teach you how to enjoy staying at their side and keeping a constant pace next to you put this Runner’s World article in front of their face.

Now I’m warmed up and ready to play fetch! I can play fetch for hours, without getting worn out. Some people say “a tired dog is a good dog.” Those people have never had a JRT. You can exercise a JRT forever and actually train them to be worse especially if you toss the toy when we are barking and jumping on you or running helter skelter. Because then you’re rewarding overexcited behavior! My mom intermittently requires that I automatically sit or lie down to get my toy. Sometimes I even do a heeling pattern of a few tricks before I get to fly after my toy.

Well, I guess my mom has to work. So now I have to entertain myself.

I’m pretend-killing a squirrel.  It’s stuffed.

To properly maim a pretend-squirrel, you must carefully incise through the skin and pull out the guts. It helps if you hold the vermin down with your paws so you can surgically extrude the innards. “Nurse, place the retractors please!”

Here’s the paw-stabilization technique from a different angle.

Hey Mom! Were you watching? How’d I do?

BTW. It’s raining so, no agility class tonight. Will we go for a bike ride instead?


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