If you wanna look cool and hip like me, check out my new favorite store, Pampering Pickle Goodies & Gifts for Dogs in Placerville, CA. I’ve never actually been there, but one benefit of having a human who travels and lectures a lot is that you get toys and surprises after each trip.

A couple of weeks ago, my human, Dr. Sophia Yin, gave a presentation “Teaching Dogs to Learn to Earn: A Quick, Fun, and Safe Alternative to the Alpha Role” in the store and went shopping at the same time.

Pampering Pickle was opened by Theresa Corley, a former animal healthcare & welfare professional. What’s neat about this store is that it’s not just about selling ultra in-style stuff.  Here’s what the owner says,

“Education is paramount whether it be in helping a customer understand how to properly fit & use a recently purchased training tool or offering training workshops & seminars to the community. The vision is to create a kind of community center for dogs & their people where humans are able to be better partners to their furry best friends.”

So that’s why my human was giving a talk there. Next time, I hope to go too so that I can check out the other goodies and nab even more accessories.

Here are some pictures of Pampering Pickle, courtesy of GibsonVisuals Photography.





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