Today, I woke up to a super-terrific surprise!

The evil tree near my house was getting trimmed!

It’s really tall and so’s that truck!

I’m watching the city tree crew take down the neighbor’s gigantic pine tree. Yikes. That’s really high!

You’re probably wondering why a dog would have a feud with a tree. But if a tree had it out for you, I’m sure you’d feel like me.  Yeah, it looks pretty innocent, but it’s a pine tree.

So it has these, which can be unhealthy to dogs who want to live.

One minute you’re standing in the driveway, while you enjoy the scenery.

But at any second, Blam! A young, but not innocent, pinecone could fall from 20–80 feet or more and land on your head. In fact, one landed just a foot from me the other day. Here I am re-enacting the near consequences. I could have been knocked unconscious!

Ok. I am getting instructions that I need to act more stunned. So here’s my unconscious look.  Does this pose make me look fat?

The immature pinecones weigh more than a baseball, especially in winter when they are nutrient dense. They get lighter as the season progresses and then they open up to their more familiar seed dispersing shape.

Note: I always thought it was odd that the humans sprinted across that area of the driveway. They knew about the tree and the windshield-breaking pinecones, but they failed to tell me!

You are probably wondering how I can watch the tree safely come down without getting smooshed by a branch? A highly trained crew is taking it down bit by bit.

They have a pulley system for lowering the branches.

Here’s the cutting and tying up close.

The crew started at 8:00 am and it’s now 5 hours later.

Here are the branches turning into wood chips.

Yahoo. I’ve conquered the tree! Only a mere totem pole is left. The crew took this pole down in just a couple of hours and now there’s just a tree base!

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