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The past year has been chock full of so many wonderful things and December 2018 is no different. Between all of our various sales (the best of which starts on December 19th and goes through the 24th), Certification time limit extensions, and the introduction of some of our staff that you may not have met yet, we are very excited to share it all with you.

Holiday Sales

For the past two weeks (yes, I realize I should have written this blog at the beginning of the month) we have been offering 20% discounts (different products each week) through both the CattleDog Publishing online store ( and through the Low Stress Handling University course catalog ( While setting up and preparing for these two weekly sales has been a bit challenging at times, we are especially looking forward to the 25% discount that we will be offering from December 19th – December 24th.

During these 6 days you will be able to purchase anything from the CattleDog Publishing online store and the Low Stress Handling University course catalog for an amazing 25% off the regular price. All you need to do is use the discount code “Comet2018” during the checkout process. The various purchase possibilities include all of our:

    • Books
    • DVDs
    • Booklets
    • Poster packs
    • Product Bundles
  • Low Stress Handling University:
    • Webinars
    • Individual Courses
    • DVD Continuing Education Courses (must have already purchase the DVDs from or other venues such as
    • The Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats e-book with online videos by Dr. Sophia Yin
    • Curriculums
    • Low Stress Handling Certification – Silver Level (including the 4 group discount tiers)

Low Stress Handling Silver Certification – New Time Limit

Some of you have already noticed, and I am sure that many more of you will notice soon . . . especially those who thought their Certification time limit was about to run out . . . there is a new course expiration time limit associated with your Low Stress Handling Silver Certification course.

From the launch of the Silver Certification program back in 2014 until December 2018, there was a 6 month time limit for completing the course. Over the course of those four years we noticed that a lot of you (for one reason or another) weren’t able to complete the Certification program within those 6 months. And for a long time, there used to be a $15 charge to give you a course extension (we haven’t charged that $15 since June 2017).

As of just last week we decided to give all of our Silver Certification enrollees an early Holiday present. From now on, all Silver Certification enrollees will have a total of one (1) year to complete their Low Stress Handling Silver Certification program (free extensions are still available upon request). What this means is that if your course hasn’t already expired (ask us for an extension at [email protected]), you will now have an extra six months to finish it (1 year total from time of enrollment).

And this extra six months (1 year total) isn’t just for our current enrollees. No, this one year time limit includes all new purchases of the Silver Certification program as well. We haven’t had a chance to change all of our informational documentation about the new time limits yet, but that should all be updated soon.

New CattleDog Publishing Staff

Between September 2018 and October 2018, we were honored to be able to bring two new amazing individuals onto our staff here at CattleDog Publishing. We are pleased to bring you Marta Knight and Serena Lafond who are both very excited about working here at the CattleDog Publishing office in Davis, California to continue bringing you ever more exciting products and services from the Legacy of Dr. Sophia Yin. Please help us make them feel welcomed.

Marta Knight

Marta was brought on staff as our Digital Archive Specialist. “What is a Digital Archive Specialist,” you ask? Marta is the person primarily responsible for organizing, cataloging, and researching all of the 50+ terabytes of data and files that are currently contained on old external hard drives and Macintosh computers (we converted to all Windows PCs in January 2017) and converting and transferring them over to our Windows-based server so that we can once again know what is there and be able to utilize them for future products and courses. For those of you who don’t speak “computer geek,” 50 Terabytes equates to 50,000 Gigabyte or 50,000,000 (that’s 50 million) Megabytes worth of data. So needless to say, she certainly has her hands full for quite a while, and that is just one aspect of her job. She is also responsible for assisting our Web & Brand Manager, Randy Carpadus, with ensuring that all of the broken links, pictures, and videos contained in our 400+ blog articles ( dating back to 2009 are fixed and working properly. She is also responsible for helping to keep our online Directory of Low Stress Handling Certified Individuals & Businesses updated and accurate.

Serena Lafond

Serena was brought on staff as our Marketing & Production Specialist. Serena is primarily responsible for helping to develop advertising graphics and materials for CattleDog Publishing and to help support our ever growing numbers of students in the Low Stress Handling University. With a background in art and art history, she brings a fresh perspective to our small marketing department and with that, we will be using her artistic talents to help develop new posters and animations to continue our efforts to expand on the mission and goals that Dr. Sophia Yin had developed before her untimely passing back in 2014. In addition to her work assisting with marketing and the Low Stress Handling University, and all of her incredible artistic talent, she also works as the Assistant Editor to help bring each of our new CattleDog Publishing Quarterly magazines to you each November, February, May, and August.

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