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So you have completed the Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification Program, now what?  We here at CattleDog Publishing, the Legacy of Dr. Sophia Yin, (the parent company of the Low Stress Handling® University and the Low Stress Handling® Certification program) are constantly looking for new ways to help support you as a Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified Graduate. Below, you will discover a few of the things that we are working on for you, but there is also something we want to bring to your attention that can be of immediate benefit. We are proud to open up to you a Facebook Group that is just for Silver Certified individuals, like yourself. This Facebook group can be found at and is only open to those who have completed the Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification program. If you have a Facebook account, we encourage you to consider joining this support and networking group and help us to build an ever-growing community of Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified professionals. And if you have any questions about the Facebook group, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. To join the Facebook group you will need to answer 3 very simple verification questions so that we can verify that you have graduated from the Certification program, but once we have verified your answers to those 3 questions, you will be able to join and participate in this growing community of Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified animal handling professionals like yourself.

As a graduate of the Silver Certification program you have been automatically enrolled in the Silver Certification Graduates program which grants you unlimited access to all of the videos and resources of the Silver Certification program, but without the requirement of additional discussion questions, quizzes, or a final exam . . . unless you want to work through all of the discussion questions and practice exercises found in the Low Stress Handling Certification Workbook located in the very first module of the Graduates course. Over time, we will be adding a lot of additional resource to the Graduates enrollment, but for now, get in there and have fun exploring and refreshing your knowledge and skills. Speaking of time, you no longer have to worry about deadlines and expiration dates for finishing the course as the Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification course for Graduates has no time limit, which means that you can come back and visit as often as you like, for as long as you like.

Also, while in the Graduates course, on the left side of the screen you will notice a Resources button which offers you [currently] 4 resources that are only available to Graduates – versus the Resources button on the main student dashboard which offers additional resources to all of our students.

  • By clicking on this button you will be presented with four (4) downloadable items that will be very useful in promoting yourself and the program.
    • Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified Logo (for electronic use)
      • This is the logo that you would use to advertise that you as an individual are Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified.
      • You can use this image on websites, emails, social media, and even on printed projects that you print from a standard home or office printer.
      • When using this image on websites or social media, or when promoting the program, you must link the image or list our informational and enrollment website:
      • To advertise that your business is Low Stress Handling® Certified, it must have a minimum of 51% of its current staff (all positions) who works more than 8 hours per week who have earned their Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification.
        • We have a separate logo with a green banner, versus the one for the Silver Certified individuals which has a silver banner.
        • This other logo may be requested for this purpose of for general advertising to the public about the program by emailing CattleDog Publishing at [email protected].
      • Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified Logo (for print use)
        • This is the same logo as above, but this image format is for when you want to print the image on professionally printed brochures, business cards, or other advertising products.
        • When using this logo image on professionally printed materials (other than business cards) we request (if possible) that you link to our informational and enrollment website:
      • Low Stress Handling® University Logo
        • This is the same logo as the one at the very top of the Low Stress Handling® University website.
        • When this image is used that you must provide a link back to
      • What Does the LSH Certification Logo Mean For My Pets (printable brochure for your clients)
        • This is a printable brochure that is an excellent way to explain to your clients and also to your colleagues why the Low Stress Handling® Certification is important to them and how it will benefit their animals.
        • This is a PDF document that can be printed on any printer (preferably a color printer if possible).
        • We also have pre-printed brochures that we can send to you that we had professionally printed so they look and feel like brochures instead of just regular printed paper.
      • From the main student dashboard (the screen you see when you first log into the University) you can click on the button labeled Resources and find numerous posters, flyers, and handouts that you can print and distribute for free.

In advertising yourself as a Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified Individual, there are also a few other things to consider and/or keep in mind:

  • We can include you on our website’s listing of certified individuals.
    • Listings may include your name, credentials (DVM, VT, etc.), business name/address/email/website/phone number.
    • Information is taken from your student profile from within the Low Stress Handing® University. Please ensure your profile is updated with your current contact information.
    • If your contact information in the University is your personal contact address, we will only list your city, state, and country as we don’t want people knocking on the front door of your home.
    • You can add the name of your place of business in your student profile in the University.
  • You may add to your email signature the words “Low Stress Handling® Certified – Silver” or “LSHC-S®” and the year of Certification.
  • You may include the Low Stress Handling® Certified – Silver logo on your website, along with a link back to the Low Stress Handling information and enrollment website ( so your clients can see what the certification means. The logo must link to our website.
  • You may tell your clients that you have been trained in Low Stress Handling® via online lecture and testing, or that you are Certified in Low Stress Handling®.
  • You may NOTclaim to be certified to teach Low Stress Handling®.
  • You may NOT claim that you have been “certified as having Low Stress Handling® skills.” (This one is particular to the wording of the phrase.)
    •    You may, however, state that your skills are a result of becoming Certified in Low Stress Handling®.
  • Completing the Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification program does NOT make you a Certified Animal Behaviorist, nor can you claim to be a Certified Animal Behaviorist simply by completing the Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification program.

Additional Rules & Guidelines:

When referring to “Low Stress Handling®” or the “Low Stress Handling® Certification” or the “Low Stress Handling® University,” you must write it as such (minus the ” ” marks), and it must include the ®  (registered trademark symbol) after the word Handling.

  • When referring to the Certification program, you may write is as “Low Stress Handling® Certification” or “Low Stress Handling® Certification – Silver Level” or “Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification” or as simply “Silver Certification.”
    • “Silver Certification” may only be used after you have previously identified the program using one of the other three (3) exampled wordings within the same document.
  • Only graduates of the program may refer to themselves as “Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified” or “Low Stress Handling® Certified – Silver Level” or “Silver Certified” or as “LSHC-S” (notice that there is no ® in the LSHC-S).
  • If you are writing about specific courses or techniques that were created by Dr. Sophia Yin:

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns about the Low Stress Handling® University, the Silver Certification program, or any of the other courses or programs offered therein, please contact CattleDog Publishing at [email protected] for assistance.

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