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What do you do when you have a patient like this and you’ve just put her into her cage or run? Now it’s time to remove her leash. Do you carefully reach towards the neck to loosen the slip lead and hope that you don’t get snapped at or bitten? Or do you leave the leash on and hope it loosens on its own before it gets caught on something and possibly tightens?

The solution is to make your own easy-to-loosen slip lead by tying a string to the ring that determines the size of the noose. When you pull on the string it causes the noose to loosen.

This handy tool is easy to construct and can be one of the most valuable tools you have in your practice. To make this lead, just follow the steps shown below.

Start with a British-style slip lead (4 or 6 feet long) and a 2 mm sportsman’s utility cord about the same length. Utility cord can be purchased at sporting good stores.

Tie one end of the utility cord to the base of the leash handle.

Make sure the knot is secure.

Tie the other end of the utility cord around the collar ring of the leash.

Tighten so it won’t come loose easily.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s done.

Now you have a slip lead that you can easily adjust without reaching towards or touching the fearful dog.  Both the handler and the anxious pooch will be happier.


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