Hey! It’s Jonesy the Jack Russell Terrier here to give you the 411 on some of the Best and Coolest Gifts for your four legged friends. Every year I get to test all kinds of games, toys, and other pet products. Some are really cool, and some are just duds. Here are some of my Favorites!

Pooch Treat House

Pooch Treat House: 
For those of you who want something economical and unique, this $5.00 toy is perfect. Just watch me demonstrate.

First you take a ball, and hmmm….

Drop it in the hole.

And then….. Ooh. Here it comes.

Hey. Jackpot. A treat falls out!

All gone! I guess I should drop the ball in the hole again!
This toy has suction cups on the bottom so it sticks to the floor. It’s also completely dog-powered—no batteries needed. Just drop treats in the little treat chute (human required for this) and when the ball goes in the hole at the top, it causes the treats to fall out. Apparently it’s best if the treats are small and uniform in size.

Kong® Squeaker Air

I’ve played with probably 100s of toys. But my favorite toy, besides all new toys that other dogs are playing with, is this special tennis ball that squeaks.

See! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

The only problem is that I squeak so hard that the squeaker pops out within minutes. But I still like them afterwards too.

Outfox Fieldguard

You might think this mask on my face looks dopey, but once you find out what it does and how much fun your dog can have because of it, you’ll want one right away. This Outfox® Field Guard keeps foxtails out of your eyes, ears and mouth. So if you live in California where foxtails are abundant in spring and summer you’ll now be able to safely go for trail romps without worrying about  painful foxtail awns ruining your day. They really hurt when they fly up your nose! (or ears or eyes). Needless to say, foxtails in orifices lead to an expensive trip to the vet.

Oh, I forgot to say, this mesh guard is actually really comfortable to wear. I hate wearing clothes, hats or things on my face and this doesn’t bug me at all. Plus I can play fetch and carrying other things in my mouth.
Walk in Sync Harness

In case your romps all have to be on leash, I highly suggest this ultra-comfortable front-attaching Walk in Sync® harness. Unlike a collar, where, when you get to the end it doesn’t wrench your neck and, because it attaches in the front, it helps redirect your attention back in the direction of your owner at the other end of the leash. What makes this leash different from other front harnesses is that this one, along with Freedom Harness, allows full movement of front legs. There’s no pinching or messing with your running form.  For those of you who are new to training it comes with a leash that helps you understand where to hold consistently, plus a video on basic training. Personally, my mom uses hers with the Buddy System hands-free leash though.
Comfy Bed

Here’s something my mom got when we moved into our new home. She wants everything to look nice so she bought this super-comfortable and pretty dog bed. In fact it’s so comfy and sleek that she might get me another for the living room.

This one fits perfectly under her desk. I must spend ¼ of my day here. Of course the other reason I love this bed is that my most favorite game in the world, the MannersMinder, remote controlled reward device, is next to it. I get kibble every time delivery people and guests come to the door. That way I don’t have to be on red-alert 20 million times a day.
Crater Dot

Here’s my other favorite bed. It’s my new Crater Dot by SleepyPod®. Note how the cool modern look goes perfectly with the dog-shaped magazine rack and the MannersMinder. It also looks great with the grand piano that I’m laying under (which you can’t see). You wouldn’t think that this round flat thing would be that comfortable but it’s contoured and I fit perfectly, especially when I’m curled up.

Here’s Dante testing my Crater Dot out. It has a little electric warmer and as you can see, even a 13 pound cat fits well on it. Hey, Dante. Get your own!
Sleepy Pod Carrier

I think this is my favorite product for Dante. It’s an ultra sleek SleepyPod® pet travel carrier that fits under all airline seats. It also folds up flat for storage so it can be stored in your suitcase or in a drawer. Unfortunately even though I’m only 14 pounds, I don’t fit in it because I can’t turn around in it, like Dante can. Here I am in my regular black airline carrier, which is perfect for me but doesn’t fold up nicely for storage.  I’m hoping now that Dante has a carrier, he will get shipped somewhere far far away.

Well, that’s it. My favorite things of 2011. Hopefully you’ll get to try out a few if you’re cute and well-behaved like me!

What have been your favorite products this year?

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