Does enrichment matter for my cat?

Is enrichment as important for my new kitten as it would be for dogs or people? It sure is, and here are some tips.

Puppy Confinement Training Tips

May 4, 2022Dogs

The goal of confinement training is for your new puppy to be comfortable in their crate. Confinement can be scary and frustrating for your new puppy so go slowly with training. 

Help for Your Barking Dog

April 6, 2022Dogs

Barking is a normal behavior and one of the ways dogs communicate. However, some breeds have a higher tendency to bark. Here are some behavior modification steps to help you and your dog gain peace and quiet.

Cat Body Language

April 5, 2022Cats

One of the best things you can do to strengthen your relationship with your cat is to understand their body launguage. By understanding their language, we can improve our relationship with them and interpret relationships between cats within our home.

Kids and Dogs

March 24, 2022Dogs

Many parents mistakenly think a child-friendly dog means the dog should tolerate anything a child does. Safety is the priority when managing relationships between dogs and children.

Traveling with Your Cat

March 10, 2022Cats

At some point, you and your cat will need to travel. You may feel stressed by the idea, but with a bit of effort and planning, cats can learn to cope with the trip. Preparing your cat beforehand can make the experience less stressful for both of you.

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