Shake a Paw for Nail Trims

Teaching “shake a paw” is a fun trick and can be helpful for nail trims.

The Low Stress Handling Movement: How Sophia and Her Cattle Dog Started It All

“With good handling, the patient should get better and not worse.” Sophia Yin

How to Teach Your Dog to Come to You

Recall training should create memories of fun, fast returns to you. Start teaching your puppy this life-saving skill when you bring them home. 

Cat Low Stress Handling® Blood Draw Visit: Moment of Truth

In the first part of this article, we learned how a client can prepare a cat for a Low Stress Handling® Blood Draw Visit. Now, we will look at how the veterinary professional can incorporate Low Stress Handling®️ into the blood draw visit.

How to Prepare Your Cat for a Low Stress Handling® Blood Draw Visit

Veterinary visits can be stressful for everyone. Low-Stress Handling® Principles of Handling provide an opportunity for you to help your veterinarian to perform a safer and more thorough physical exam.

House Training Adult Dogs

Although you may have been told your new adult dog is house trained, that may not be the case in your home.

Low Stress Handling® Silver-Level Certification

Individual Certification at this level demonstrates to clients and employers the individual’s dedicated interest in Low Stress Handling®. Hospital Certification at this level demonstrates to clients and staff the hospital’s commitment to appropriately training staff in Low Stress Handling® methods.

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