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As you probably know by now, my first full-length Christmas webisode, “A Jack Russell Christmas,” airs next week. I’m practically a star already! Rightly so, because not only did I have to act, I had to do my own stunts too! And let me tell you, the action-packed script required me to be in tip-top shape. Luckily for me, I’m already in Jack Russell Terrier shape.

Here is my workout regimen in case some of you want to copy it so you can look as fit as me.

Every day I get 7 miles-worth of running. My human keeps me company. She’s a slow poke compared to me but I don’t mind hanging back for her.

Sometimes I also do wind-sprints to build my fast-twitch muscles. Sometime I do them for an entire 3 miles! Generally, I use a tennis ball or some other squeaky toy to keep me focused on speed. But a squirrel or a bone works well for mental focus too.

Sometimes I get extra wind-sprints in the house.

Jumping was a very important part in at least two of the scenes of my video. I didn’t know exactly what type of jumping would be needed, so I practiced all types.

Of course, all elite athletes practice core and balance exercises. That includes me!

And you should also stretch so you can stay flexible.

Yep, it’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Because I’m in such great shape I hardly had to practice at all.

Can you guess what stunts I performed?

Stay tuned for more blogs where I reveal all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

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