Multi-Course Curriculum: Pet Dogs, Problem Dogs, High Performance Dogs: How Science Can Take Your Training to a New Level

4 CE units – 2 online courses of 2 CE units each

Days to complete course: 90

Get fast, consistent training results for any species whether you are a trainer, veterinary behaviorist, or pet owner. Learn from Dr. Sophia Yin how science and Applied Behavior Analysis can improve your animal training skills while deepening your understanding of animal behavior.




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Learning Objectives:

• Understand the principles of learning and apply those techniques for any species.

• Learn the categories of operant conditioning and how to categorize training correctly.

• Implement positive and negative reinforcement using rewards.

• Understand the technical skills of training and the subtleties in techniques.

This multi-course curriculum includes:

What Giraffes, Dogs, and Chickens Have in Common – Training Techniques that Work for All Creatures

From Missile-Guiding Pigeons to Spy Dogs: How to Use Applied Behavior Analysis to Drive Huge Improvements in Your Training

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