Multi-Course Curriculum: The Master Class Collection

8.5 CE units – 4 online courses totaling 8.5 CE units

Days to complete course: 90

If you feel insecure with your skills, you could be giving confusing or conflicting cues to dogs, creating fear and even aggression. By learning proper restraint methods and which movements they control, you can adapt quickly to the situation and to the dog’s response.

Using counterconditioning and desensitization, you will create cooperative dogs for nail trims, injections, and venipuncture which shortens procedure time and uses fewer staff members. Gaining a dog’s consent and reading body language properly can result in fewer bites.




Learning Objectives:

• Recognize how every interaction with a dog affects their perception of you. Minimize their fear and frustration and gain their cooperation.

• Practice exercises to adjust your posture, speed, and direction of movement and know when to adjust your technique.

• Understand how to control the dog’s movement in all directions and which restraint to use for the individual animal or situation.

• Learn how to counter condition and desensitize dogs for nail trims, injections, muzzles, or head collars, and gain their consent using either food or non-food rewards.

• Discover how timing, treat placement, value and delivery and appropriate criteria can make improve your effectiveness and efficiency.

This multi-course curriculum includes:

Canine Lab 1: Essential Exercises for Moving Dogs from Place to Place

Canine Lab 2: Handling and Restraining Medium-sized and Large Dogs with Skill and Ease

Canine Lab 3: Handling and Restraining Small and Medium-sized Dogs with Skill and Ease

Canine Lab 4: Desensitization and Counterconditioning: Teaching Dogs to Willingly Accept Medical Procedures 

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