From Missile-Guiding Pigeons to Spy Dogs: How to Use Applied Behavior Analysis to Drive Huge Improvements in Your Training

2 CE units

Days to complete course: 90

Harness the power of science in your training! Whether you’re a trainer, veterinary behaviorist, pet owner, or pet professional, you will get astonishingly fast, consistent results after this course. In this second of two fascinating, live-recorded online lectures, Dr. Sophia Yin, veterinarian, renowned animal behaviorist, and author, explains clearly and vividly the essential foundations and applications of the science of animal learning.




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Learning Objectives:

• Understand the learning principles work for all animals so you can apply those techniques in all situations: scent work, military or police dog training, agility or everyday training.

• Apply the principles of operant conditioning in your training to create an eager animal participant.

• Learn how to use positive reinforcement for desirable behaviors or negative reinforcement for undesirable behaviors to solve most non-medical behavior problems.

• Improve your technical skills through timing, reinforcement rates and values, and altering criteria to make vast differences in your training efficiency.

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