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Dog Bite Prevention: How Kids Should Greet Dogs

July 20, 2011

Watch this news clip from KCRA in which Dr Yin demonstrates how kids should be taught to greet dogs.

Dog Bite Prevention PSA: Why Dogs Bite and What to Avoid

May 13, 2011

Understanding dogs is essential for Dog Bite Prevention. This video illustrates why so many people are bitten by dogs every year. In this animation, a child approaches a dog even when the dog shows signs of fear and avoidance. Watch to see the signs of fear.

Dog Bites: Why Bandit Bites

August 23, 2010

Dog bites are a common occurrence in the United States. This is sometimes due to people misreading a dog’s signal. Watch what signals Bandit the pekingese gives and learn to identify some warning signs that a dog is about to snap.

How to Avoid Dog Bites

August 23, 2010

Learn how to avoid dog bites, whether from fearful dogs or playful puppies. Dogs can bite for many reasons, so its important to know how to read their body language and act appropriately in order to avoid getting hurt.

Food Aggression: Ben Guards the Food Bowl

August 23, 2010

Food aggression is a common problem among dogs. Ben the golden retriever is very possessive of his food and has bitten his owner in the past. Watch how Dr Sophia Yin uses several common approaches of fixing his aggression before finding one that works.

Dog Nail Trim: Training a Dog to Enjoy Toenail Trims

August 23, 2010

Many people dread the dog nail trim, since a lot of dogs dislike having it done. Watch how Dr Sophia Yin and her assistant are able to work together to teach this dog that nail trims equal treats!

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