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Press Release 2022

September 26, 2022

CattleDog Publishing, VIN and the VIN Foundation Partner to Honor Dr. Sophia Yin’s Legacy The Low Stress Handling® Movement: How Sophia and Her CattleDog Started It All! Davis, CA:  As the 8th anniversary of Dr. Sophia Yin’s death approaches, CattleDog Publishing, Veterinary Information Network, and the VIN Foundation, honor her memory by highlighting her life achievements and contributions. Her Read More

The Low Stress Handling® Movement: How Sophia and Her CattleDog Started It All!

September 23, 2022

From the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral conditions to the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in veterinary patients, the past 20 years have seen numerous advances in veterinary behavior. In the early 2000’s Sophia Yin, a veterinarian and animal behaviorist, emerged on the scene to lead this transformation. Motivated by the realization that more pets were euthanized for behavioral reasons than medical issues, she made it her lifelong passion to educate veterinarians and animal professionals about animal behavior and the benefits of Low Stress Handling for dogs and cats.

The Low Stress Handling Movement: How Sophia and Her Cattle Dog Started It All

September 23, 2022

“With good handling, the patient should get better and not worse.” Sophia Yin

Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language

September 22, 2022

Understanding and respecting your best friend’s body language is essential to strengthen and maintain the bond between you.

Can Cats Be Trained?

September 21, 2022

Many cats easily learn tricks and enjoy doing them, providing both physical and mental enrichment.

Stationing Your Dog for Nail Trims

August 26, 2022

Stationing is beneficial for nail trims as well as veterinary and husbandry procedures. Training consent behaviors builds confidence, promotes force-free learning, and increases your pet’s cooperation.

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Low Stress Handling® Silver-Level Certification

Individual Certification at this level demonstrates to clients and employers the individual’s dedicated interest in Low Stress Handling®. Hospital Certification at this level demonstrates to clients and staff the hospital’s commitment to appropriately training staff in Low Stress Handling® methods.

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