Traci Sennesael

Traci first became aware of Low Stress Handling® when she took one of her dogs to a local veterinarian who happened to be a close friend of Dr. Sophia Yin. It was there that she learned some basic techniques to help her dog feel safe and secure during a very scary time, medically. Since then, Low Stress Handling® has become part of everyday life for her “fur kids”. She joined the CattleDog Publishing team in June of 2016 as a part-time bookkeeper. Today, she helps in many different areas. Though her main role is still technically bookkeeping; she is also responsible for overseeing the entire ordering process from the time an order is placed to when it ships out. She works closely with the rest of the CDP team to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. When not plugging in numbers or processing orders, she can be found assisting Serena with marketing and conference plans.