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Veterinary Partner Referral Cards

Looking for a great way to give your client information from a trusted source? Now you can quickly send clients to the pages of Veterinary Partner for information on their pet’s health. These are business card-sized and provide lines for you to write in keywords for them to search.

Don’t want to wait? Download the electronic version and print your own.
There are two downloadable versions.
1. Duplex Printers (that can print on both sides of the paper)
2. Regular Printers
Available in packets of 25 cards. Limit of 4 packages per order.



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Weight 0.2 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 2 × .5 in


Low Stress Handling® Silver-Level Certification

Individual Certification at this level demonstrates to clients and employers the individual’s dedicated interest in Low Stress Handling®. Hospital Certification at this level demonstrates to clients and staff the hospital’s commitment to appropriately training staff in Low Stress Handling® methods.

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