General Book Ordering

What are your guidelines for bulk purchases/quantity and prices?

We are happy to sell larger quantities of books to resellers and other interested groups. See the home page for details. If you are NOT a reseller but still want to buy books in bulk with a credit card for your clinic, students, fellow classmates, please go to our store at DrSophiaYin.com and your bulk discounts will be added at checkout. Resellers use our Order Form Here

How can I send in an order if I am unable to use the shopping cart at DrSophiaYin.com?

You may send in your order via:
Email: Email Purchase Orders to Orders@CattleDogPublishing.com*
NOTE: Please do not use ANY @Nerdbook.com email accounts you might have on file. They are being turned off.
Mail to: CattleDog Publishing, PO Box 4516, Davis, CA 95617-4516*
Call: (530) 757-2383
* If you are a reseller, please include your business name, address, email address and resellers number. If you are a College, University or state run institution with set accounts payable policies, please include those as well.

What payment methods do you accept?

You may charge your purchase to a Master Card, Visa or PayPal; provide us with a check in U.S. Funds; or money order. Please include a copy of your order with your check or money order and send it to CattleDog Publishing, PO Box 4516, Davis CA 95617-4516

When can I expect to receive my order?

All orders are shipped via United States Postal Service media mail. Expect up to 2 weeks for delivery. If an email address is included with the order, you will receive an email notification of when your order has shipped. International mail varies. Contact your local provider for estimates.

Where else can I get these products?

Individual purchases with a credit card may be made at our store at DrSophiaYin.com

I would like to request a desk copy or a donation of a book for a fundraiser. How can I do that?

Such requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please email your request with the circumstances concerning your request to Orders@CattleDogPublishing.com

I am a member of a group of veterinary students who would like to combine our individual purchases together. Can we get a discount?

Yes, you may! You can go to our store at DrSophiaYin.com and place the bulk order there.

I work for a veterinary college bookstore. What are the terms of sale and can we return extra books to Cattledog Publishing?

We request prepayment for first-time orders. Subsequent orders can be invoiced at Net 30**. CattleDog Publishing will not accept returns for extra books. If you have an item damaged in shipping, please contact us at us Orders@CattleDogPublishing.com within 7 business days of receiving your shipment with your shipping confirmation number. We can also replace damaged in shipment DVDs from the Low Stress Handling® books. See the FAQ below for additional information.

**other terms may be available for Colleges, Universities, and State run institutions if your policies differ. Email your accounts payable policies with your Purchase Order.

I am outside the U.S., can I order books in bulk?

Yes. You can either order them here via our store using a credit card, or you can send a Purchase Order to Orders@CattleDogPublishing.com Bulk Order. Please include Preferred shipping methods and any customs related information if applicable.

Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats

What do I do if my Low Stress DVD won’t play or is faulty?

For quality purposes, the Low Stress DVD has been manufactured by the same company that produces most of the commercially available DVD’s in the U.S. First, be sure to test it on multiple systems to see if it will play on any of them. If it will not play on any device or not allow viewing of certain chapters, please contact us for a replacement disc at Orders@CattleDogPublishing.com
Note: Some readers have reported that on the chapter screen menu page the DVD works if you hit the “enter” button rather than double clicking on the underlined chapter.

My Low Stress DVD arrived damaged. How can I get a replacement?

Please return the disc to us at CattleDog Publishing, PO Box 4516, Davis CA 95617-4516. Include your name, email address, mailing address, and a description of the problem with the disc. Upon examination of the disc, we will send a replacement to the mailing address provided and send a notification email. No replacement will be issued if excessive damage is obvious.

I lost my Low Stress DVD. Can I get a replacement?

A replacement for lost DVDs is $30 and can be paid by a Mastercard or Visa or a check in U.S. Funds. Contact Orders@CattleDogPublishing.com for details and further direction.

What is the Online Readers Resource mentioned and how do I access it?

Unfortunately, the files for that section was lost during a prior website upgrade and move, and there were no backups (yeah, we know!). We are looking into how best to address that issue and will be recreating that section soon.

Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook

Do you offer discounts for Vet Student Organizations or groups?
Yes, see above or on the home page. Many students get together and create a bulk order as a group thus qualifying for discounts.

Posters, Flyers, and Handouts

How can I download the Body Language and/or How to Greet a Dog Handouts?

Go to Dr. Yin’s blog page at DrSophiaYin.com to access these posters among other free resources.

Where can I purchase multiple copies?

We have a few of our posters for sale at DrSophiaYin.com and more are coming soon.

I am a veterinarian/animal behaviorist/involved with a volunteer group or animal shelter, animal association, organization, etc. Am I able to print copies of the Body Language poster/handout and distribute them without worrying about copyright infringement?

Yes, multiple printing and distribution of the poster/handout is allowed provided you request permission and that all poster/handouts contain the appropriate CattleDog Publishing and/or DrSophiaYin.com trademarks and appropriate credits on the bottom. Please Contact us to request permission to print multiple copies of the free handouts.

I work in a foreign country/with non-English speaking people. Are poster translations allowed?

Yes, poster translations are allowed provided the guidelines listed below are followed:
1)Contact Questions@CattleDogPublishing.com with information on your organization and the language translation requested. If needed, we can send some examples of translated posters.
2)The translated poster must contain the appropriate CattleDog Publishing and DrSophiaYin.com trademarks, whom it was translated by, and have the English words next to the corresponding translation.
3)Once the translated version is completed, it must be emailed to Questions@CattleD0gPublishing.com for approval before use.
Upon approval, copies of the translated poster can be printed and it will be made available on DrSophiaYin.com for download.

If my foreign-speaking clients, volunteers, etc. are unable to navigate an English website (DrSophiaYin.com) can I have a translated poster posted on my website?

We generally prefer to keep all forms of the poster on our website, but this may be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Questions@CattleDogPublishing.com with your request and translated poster file to be reviewed. If it is approved we will then provide you with a Permissions Form to allow posting on the indicated website.


Does CatttleDog Publishing accept submissions to publish from other authors?

Not at this time. CattleDog Publishing was created as a vehicle for Dr. Yin’s mission to help people and their pets. We are looking into the possibility of accepting other work in the future.

Does CattleDog Publishing allow the reselling of its products by international companies?

International publishing and reselling are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please send your request with as much detail as possible to Questions@CattleDogPublishing.com.

Updated September 2017