About CattleDog Publishing


Every veterinary student feels apprehensive about clinics, and in 1992, when Sophia Yin was a veterinary student, she was no different. To beef up their brain power, students in veterinary school at UC Davis compiled clinically useful notes in pocket-sized binders which they informally called nerdbooks. Because of her well-honed notetaking and organizational skills, Sophia and her compilation were soon deemed the nerdiest. Fellow students offered to buy her book and she willingly shared her pages. And soon she thought, “Hey, if I publish this book, then all vet students could learn the important stuff faster and feel more confident in clinics.”

So during her senior year she sought the advice of two professors. Could a student really publish a textbook? She got a thumbs up from two professors who had published their own books and that was all she needed. CattleDog Publishing was born.

The Nerdbook was an instant success selling over 4,500 copies in the first year.

CattleDog Publshing continues to serve as a vehicle for her mission to improve our understanding of animals their health and behavior so that we can care for, appreciate and enjoy our time with them better.